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BWR Report:  Black Women in the US

BWR Report: Black Women in the US

The Black Women's Roundtable recently released a report finding that significant progress has been made since key historical markers however, there are many areas that remain in need of attention.

All Politics Matter Local to Federal - Black Men and Boys Day on the Hill

All Politics Matter Local to Federal - Black Men and Boys Day on the Hill

The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP) is hosting its inaugural Black Youth Vote! “All Politics Matter Local to Federal - Black Men and Boys Day on the Hill” (BYV Day on the Hill) on April 22 & 23, 2015 in Washington, DC. The BYV Day on the Hill is a component of the NCBCP’s new Black men and boys’ initiative, The Gathering of Black Men and Boys.



Jun 26, 2015

National Coalition Responds To Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

The National Coalition of Black Civic Participation applauds the U. S. Supreme Court's 5:4 decision to makes same-sex marriage is the law of the land, said of Melanie Campbell president & CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. NCBCP , the a coalition that represents some 60 organizations and state-based affiliates and networks ,was one of the first civil rights organizations to support the movement to make same-sex marriage a constitutional right. By declaring that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States, the Supreme Court has helped break the unjust barriers for the LGBT community and for American civil rights. Now and for future generations the right to love is a fundamental and constitutional right for all people.

Jun 26, 2015

Black Women's Roundtable Applauds Decision by Supreme Court to Uphold the Affordable Care Act

Black Women's Roundtable Applauds the Supreme Court Ruling On the Affordable Health Care Act Washington, DC - Melanie L. Campbell, president and CEO, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and convener, Black Women's Roundtable issued the following statement on Supreme Court Ruling On the Affordable Care Act.

Jun 15, 2015

Black Women's Roundtable To Address Income Inequality, Health Justice and Retirement Security

As the national debate continues over income inequality and health justice, The Black Women’s Roundtable today announces the launch of phase II of its 2015 BWR Empowerment Project, by organizing the BWR Healthy, Wealthy, Wise National Empowerment Tour. (BWR Tour) The BWR Tour provides women in key states and nationally with tools and resources focused on economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, holistic health, civic engagement and leadership development. The BWR Empowerment Project is supported by AARP, Essence, Ford Foundation and The Moriah Fund.

May 11, 2015

A New Generation of Civil Rights and Social Activists

Jacob Lee was among 150 black men and youth who took part in “Black Men & Boys Day on Capitol Hill,” and while Civil Rights veterans were excited about Lynch, President Obama’s choice for Attorney General, Lee wanted to know what else could be done to slow the recent tide of police shootings involving black males.

Apr 24, 2015

Congrats to Loretta Lynch for Making "HerStory"

Statement From Melanie Campbell, Convener of the Black Women's Roundtable and president and Ceo of the Naitonal Coalition on Black Civic Participation on the Coalition of Loretta Lynch by the Senate to become the first African-American woman Attorney General of the United States..

NCBCP Programs

Black Women's Roundtable and National African American Clergy Network Visit Mitch McConnel's Office

About 20 prominent black women arrived at the ornate office suites of McConnell Thursday morning, asking to meet with him-even if for only a few minutes in the hallway-over the delay in confirming Attorney General-designate Loretta Lynch. They were told McConnell was too busy. The women did meet with McConnell's chief of staff for about 20 minutes.

Black Youth Vote!
The Next Generation of Black Leadership

Black Youth Vote! (BYV!) is a national grassroots coalition of organizations and individuals committed to increasing political and civic engagement among black youth and young adults between the ages of 18-35. On April 4, 1996, BYV! was launched under the theme “The Ballot, Not the Bullet” live on CSPAN to address the chronic decline in Black youth voter participation.

Black Women’s Roundtable Policy Statement

The National Coalition Black Women’s Roundtable promotes public policies that ensure stable families and a prepared workforce for today and tomorrow. BWR believes that there must be intentional efforts, including program development, funding, staffing, administrative practice and rule of law to ensure genuine equity -- especially for women, communities of color, low income communities and others that have been traditionally left out of the policymaking arena. Click here to read the full statement.

Black Women’s Roundtable

The Black Women’s Roundtable (BWR) is an intergenerational civic engagement network of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. At the forefront of championing just and equitable public policy on behalf of Black women, BWR promotes their health and wellness, economic security, education and global empowerment as key elements for success.

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